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Become a valued partner of the WEkEO Hackathon!

Stand out as an active supporter of climate resilience.
Enjoy benefits like showcasing your commitment through a Pitch Presentation, participating as a mentor, and gaining visibility on the WEkEO Hackathon platform.

join as a community partner!

Gold Sponsor

5,000€k or invitation for one of the winning projects to an incubation programme

Silver Sponsor

2,500€ or an invitation for 2 delegates of the winning projects to a strategic international event

Bronze Sponsor

1,000€ or visibility for the winning projects through networking opportunities, event and publications

As a community partner, we expect you to help us with getting the word out through your communications to have the most skilled and passionate people joining to solve the WEkEO Hackathon challenges by:


Sharing essential event-related information on your social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) – a minimum of 2 messages throughout the program. We will provide this information in English.

Sharing our pre-prepared CTA (Call To Action) mails within your network or mailing lists.

If possible, offer non-monetary prizes to the hackathon winners (incubator program participation, visiting week, joint publication, etc…)


In return, we will give you the opportunity to:

Stand out as an active supporter of climate resilience and its impact on the environment. You’ll be invited to give a Pitch Presentation during the warm-up live sessions

Join the hackathon as mentor and take part in the development of innovative ideas and solutions coming out of the hackathon challenges, or alternatively be part of the Hackathon Jury

Get high visibility on the WEkEO Hackathon website and during live-session, showcasing your organisation’s logo! We’ll send you a community kit with visuals, templates and other materials that you can use to promote your engagement in the hackathon.


Engage with the network of organisations behind the hackathon!


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Mercator Ocean

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Quine’s Creator Corner helps you promote and post your project inside a growing community of thousands of coders. This means that small projects can gain unprecedented visibility, leading to increased opportunities for receiving stars, important feedback, and valuable contributions.
Quine also helps you find – based on your language and topic preference – millions of good-first-issues to work on projects that matter to you; leading you to skyrocket your skills as well as your professional opportunities.

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