The WEkEO Hackathon is here!

22 – 23 June 2023

The WEkEO Hackathon aims to support creative and data-skilled people in conceiving tools to improve climate resilience and positively impact our environment. During the hackathon, teams will be able to unlock all the WEkEO platform features to develop their projects, guided by coaches and mentors.

Get ready for the WEkEO hackathon 2023 with the warm-up live sessions!

    12th of June - LIVE SESSION #1 - WEkEO Hackathon Warm Up Kick Off

    GOAL: Get participants to know WEkEO and the hackathon process

    12:30 – Welcome to the WEkEO Hackathon! Agenda of today’s Live Session – Michele Erba (KDKT)
    12:35 – Hackathon timeline, agenda, and challenges – Romane Zufic (MOI)
    12:40 – Goal of the hackathon and its challenges
    Challenge Coastal: Neil Fletcher (EUMETSAT)
    Challenge Arctic: Corinne Derval (MOI)
    Challenge Energy: Julie Letertre (ECMWF)
    Challenge Health: Julie Letertre (ECMWF)
    Wildcard: Romane Zufic (MOI)
    13:20 – About WEkEO + the Resource Pack – Fabrice Messal (MOI)
    13:30 – About Eventornado + How to create an idea on Eventornado + Starter Kit – Michele Erba (KDKT)
    13:45 – Ask us anything! Q&A session – All
    14:00 – See you at the next Live Session! – Michele Erba (KDKT)


    15th of June - LIVE SESSION #2 - Introduction to WEkEO and data from Copernicus Services

    GOAL: Explain in detail how to access, use, and leverage WEkEO’s services

    12:30 – Welcome! Objectives + Agenda of the live session
    12:35 – First steps on WEkEO platform: How to access & register to the WEkEO web portal? How to browse through WEkEO data? 
    12:45 – Discover the data: Portfolio overview from the different WEkEO partners
    13:25 – Dive into WEkEO: How to access and leverage the JupyterHub? How to use the computational environment (cloud storage, virtual machines, etc.)
    13:40 – Get in touch with the WEkEO Users Support
    13:45 – Ask us anything! Q&A session
    14:00 – Closing and goodbye

    19th of June - LIVE SESSION #3 - Matchmaking & Team formation

    GOAL: Boost team formation

    16:00 – Welcome! Objectives and a high-level overview of the contents of this live session
    16:05 – What does a good Team look like? Guidelines on the perfect Team composition
    16:15 – Pitching time for Teams in search of additional team members and for individuals looking for a team
    16:55 – Wrap-up Key messages & plan for next week
    17:00 – Close session

    20th of June - LIVE SESSION #4 - Ask the WEkEO and Copernicus Experts!

    GOAL: Make sure all the participants can correctly access, use, and leverage WEkEO and Copernicus services

    16:00 – Welcome! Objectives of this live session
    16:05 – Meet the experts + introduction of the breakout rooms
    16:10 – Ask us anything! Q&A session into breakout-rooms:
    Room 1: WEkEO Experts
    Room 2: EUMETSAT and ECMWF Experts (Sentinel data, Atmosphere data, Climate data)
    Room 3: MOI and EEA Experts (Marine and Land data)
    16:55 – Wrap up Key messages & plan for next week
    17:00 – Close session

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